Spring Opening

Service Details

Includes removal of winter plugs, reassemble pump, filter and start up complete system. Installation of equipment. Test and treat water (our chemicals only). Repair or replace defective parts. (Chemicals, parts and additional labor billed separately, extra time may be billed for larger pools, multiple pumps/filters, or automatic systems)

2023 Spring Contract

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Please download our 2023 Spring Contract, fill it out and fax it to (908) 638-5097 or mail it to A&L Pool Service, 1 Van Syckle Place, High Bridge, NJ 08829


Download Paper Version Here

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    I hereby agree to pay A&L Pool Service for their services I have requested below in this Contract, as indicated by my initials near the requested service, at rates set forth herein. I further agree to pay any outstanding balance within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice and a two percent (2%) finance charge per month on any balance not paid with thirty days. I also understand that I shall be responsible for all attorneys fees and court costs in connection with A&L Pool's effort to collect any oustanding balance I owe. I further understand that A&L Pool Service cannot precisely identify the start or end dates for any such pool service contemplated herein as said services are subject to exisitng weather conditions. I agree, however, that A&L Pool Service may use their best efforts to commence pool opening by not later than , 2023, and perform other service as I have requested below by initialing, weather permitting. Any specific requests or any changes / modifications to this Contract must be in writing signed by both the customer and A&L Pool Service. Please return entire contract.


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    1. Continue same as last year?





    2. Spring Pool Opening

    Week requested to open pool

    Includes removal of winter plugs, reassemble equipment and accessories, start up system. Test and treat water. Repair or replace any defective parts. (Chemicals, parts and additional labor billed time and materials.) Extra time billed for larger pool, multiple pump/filters.

    [text_content "Automatic systems will be left in automatic. Customer is responsible to set date and time."]


    Attached Spa


    Basic Heater Cleaning
    Includes vacuum debris and determine rodent damage. Any repairs billed time and materials.




    3. Vacuum and Brush (at time of opening)

    [text_content "(Upon opening more than one vacuum and brushing may be necessary. Repeat vacuuming will be billed. If 2 men are used add an extra $90.00 / hour)"]

    $112.00 hr/man



    4. Cover Removal

    Mesh Cover: $89.00

    Solid Cover: $98.00

    Solid Cover w/ water and debris: $175.00

    [text_content "(We will brush off, fold and store on your premises. Covers will not be completely clean or dry. Extra charge will apply for larger or cabled covers."]



    5. Vacuum Service / Weekly or Bi-Weekly: billed monthly

    $112.00 hr/man

    Weekly (initial)

    Bi-Weekly (initial)

    Includes brushing walls (as needed), vacuuming, clean out pool cleaner, test and treat water, empty baskets and backwash filter when required. ALL CHEMICALS & PARTS SUPPLIED AND BILLED BY A&L. Rain days we will clean baskets, test and treat water, check filter. Vacuum schedule will vary until pools are opened. Extra time billed by the 1/2hr. as needed, extra man at $90.00 as needed. For the bi-weekly customer, on the odd week you must vaccum, clean baskets, test and treat pool.
    If repairs are needed (over $500) we will notify you and prices will be quoted, otherwise repairs will be done and billed.

    6. Chemical Pricing

    [text_content "25 lbs. Granular Chlorine"]

    Chlorine Granular: $225 (initial)


    [text_content "25 lbs. Giant Tabs"]

    Chlorine Tabs: $205


    [text_content "2 - 25 lbs. Granular Chlorine"]

    Salt Pools Granular: $450






    If Interested:

    [text_content "Credit Cards Accepted Tablets not required with Salt Systems"]

    [text_content "IC40 Cell, Transformer, Zinc Anode, Space Bar (for winter), Installation"]

    [text_content "IC20 Small Pools & Spas | IC60 for Larger Pools"]

    Due to Covid-19

    Chlorine is in short supply and prices have increased. We are ordering now to insure supply for the 2023 season. PLACE YOUR ORDER ASAP

    Limited Warranty

    All materials, parts and equipment are warranted by the manufacturers or suppliers written warranty only. All labor performed by the above named company is warranted for 30 days or as otherwise indicated in writing. The above named company makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, as it’s agents or technicians are not authorized to make any such warranties on behalf of above named company.

    Collection Policy - All customers are asked to have a valid credit card on file.


    Credit card processing fee will be 3%

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    Name on Card


    Do NOT Delay Call In March


    If you are planning any renovations; heater or filter. replacements, line or piping repairs, please contact us in March 2023 to obtain pricing and scheduling for April. Pool does not need to be opened.

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