Spring Opening
Includes removal of winter plugs, reassemble pump, filter and start up complete system. Installation of equipment. Test and treat water (our chemicals only). Repair or replace defective parts. (Chemicals, parts and additional labor billed separately, extra time may be billed for larger pools, multiple pumps/filters, or automatic systems).

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Full Winterization
Water will be lowered to the recommended level below skimmers. Filters and other equipment will be emptied of water. Lines will be air blown and capped. Ladders, railings, and diving boards will be removed. Sand filters backwashed, DE filters cleaned; A & L shall not be responsible under any conditions for damage to tile or coping due to water level. Larger pools with multiple systems will be billed additional labor charges.
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Winter Watch
Starting mid-November through march we will schedule winter wach visits AS WEATHER CONDITIONS PERMIT. We will check your pool cover, water bags, water level, and water condition. A & L shall not be responsible under any condition for damage to tile, finish or coping due to water level.

Vacuum Services:
Includes brushing walls (as needed), vacuuming, clean out pool cleaner, test and treat water, empty baskets and backwash filter when required. ALL CHEMICALS & PARTS SUPPLIED BY A&L. Rain days we will clean baskets, test and treat water, check filter. Vacuum schedule will vary until pools are opened.