Winter Contract

    I hereby agree to pay A&L Pool Service for their services I have requested below in this Contract, as indicated by my initials near the requested service, at rates set forth herein. I further agree to pay any outstanding balance within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice and a two percent (2%) finance charge per month on any balance not paid with thirty days. I also understand that I shall be responsible for all attorneys fees and court costs in connection with A&L Pool's effort to collect any oustanding balance I owe. I further understand that A&L Pool Service cannot precisely identify the start or end dates for any such pool service contemplated herein as said services are subject to exisitng weather conditions. I agree, however, that A&L Pool Service may use their best efforts to commence pool closing and perform other service as I have requested below by initialing, weather permitting. Any specific requests or any changes / modifications to this Contract must be in writing signed by both the customer and A&L Pool Service.


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    Water will be lowered to the recommended level below skimmers. Filters and other equipment will be emptied of water. Lines will be air blown and capped. Equipment removed as needed. Sand filters backwashed, DE filters cleaned. A & L shall not be responsible for damage due to finish, tile or coping to to winter level conditions. Larger pools, multiple systems, separate spas, solar systems, and auto fills will be billed additional parts and labor. Water will be balanced. Plugs and chemicals billed as needed. Diving boards will not be removed.



    Attached Spa




    Schedule will vary during closing season. Vacuuming prior to winterization will be billed by the hour. Automatic with full service accounts. Water will be balanced, chemicals will be billed as needed

    $114.00 hr/man



    Starting November 1st to pool opening 2024 , we will schedule service as weather permits. We will fold back cover, vacuum, adjust water level and treat as needed. A & L shall not be responsible for damage to tile, coping or finish due to water level or water conditions. Each visit is $250 plus chemicals and any parts. This service is automatic for full service accounts and is essential in keeping the water as clean as possible.

    $250.00 - plus chemicals. Billed at time of service AcceptDecline





    Solid Vinyl Cover w/ water bag: $150.00

    (Damaged water bags will be replaced. Customers will be billed)

    Mesh Custom: $89.00

    Solid Custom: $98.00

    Any pop-ups needed will be billed.




    [text_content "Chlorine and Salt Pools"]


    [text_content "1 gallon Antifreeze"]


    [text_content "1 Quart Winter-Aid Algaecide"]


    [text_content "1 Case Liquid Chlorine"]


    Other Pool Chemicals Available, Please Call for Pricing and We Deliver. All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice



    Oct 1st to Oct 14th

    Oct 15th to End of Season


    Prices subject to change without notice.
    Deposit of $400.00. Balance upon receipt of final bill unless charged with credit card. ALL PREVIOUS BILLS MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE WINTERIZATION WILL BE SCHEDULED. New Jersey Sales Tax added to all charges. 2% finance charge per month on balances over 30 days. Interest, court costs, and attorney fees added to any litigation.


    Effective 1/1/2022 credit card processing fee will be 3%

    Collection Policy - All customers are asked to have a valid credit card on file.

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